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the introduction to this video has the most beautiful evocation of illich's thought

"Curious about the world, worried about the world, lover of mankind and gods, Ivan Illich was born in Vienna in 1926 in a fragile and unstable Europe. He lived in many different places ... turned to god to become a priest, then left the hierarchy in order to be a perpetual traveller in quest of justice and life. Like the crystals he studied, his speech is made up of geometric, angular fragments in which history, philosophy and science blossom in seeming disarray before taking form as star like ideas."

"pakis out and about" redux

on a roll of some magnitude i retrieved the surname of my friend dave who had originated the title of my autobiography via an interesting text exchange with renee

she informed me that all she could remember was that he was called dave the whinge which made me burst out laughing when i recalled his face

i must find the slide of the actual graphitti and i have just realised as i type this that i no longer need to make a light table because i have huge monitors that i can just set to a blank white page

hurrah. a pic will apppear post haste


mt is not allowing me to upload pictures

text only posts for a while and hopefully with operative links

which is nice because the next critical path thing to do is to finally write an article. 3000 words will be a nice start

and i have a functioning desk for the first time in almost twelve years

bismillah, meaning in the name of the creation i begin

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