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there is a peak moment happening

rose and noe were in bed watching the beginning and end of misfits when i got back from garry's

kandeepan amirthalingam asked me to go to a planning subcommittee meeting as support. apart from thirumakal, i met billy johnson in the car and colin glen in the circular council chamber. did me fantastic amounts of good to be out of the house

google earthed sri lanka as the nearest paki's are tamils and hindu i think

the daddy will control the horizontal and the vertical during the time traveler's feast with the proviso that no one is consequently made unhappy. a new rule for the old tradition. new rituals are needed

watching ted talks with rosie, i accidentally scared her with a doomster rant as i have just caught up with mcphearson on global warming. we are fucked but there is no other option than to be optimistic

planning to watch so many things with the goobs. the cunts are still running the world

am no longer blogging what i am reading. wish i had jubal's admin

marijuana as a sacrament

jfgi you cunts

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