shouting on a sunday morning

belle's mere presence has been poisoning the atmosphere here for months as too much of her life has been spent in deepest middle class cunt land almost exclusively in the company of middle class cunts and i am sorry to say that she has consequently been spoiled in more senses than one

after my talk with her on the way to and from sutton i cycled back home and with the help of noe and rose placed all her belongings into purple refuse bags and sent them in a taxi with noe (he had to pick up some stuff) back to her mother's house. if she had been allowed to live with me when she was younger all this would not have happened and she would be a much happier person in herself. she is the child who has unfortunately been the most damaged by the split

the likelihood is that she may be gone for some time

my too loud for seven o'clock shouting on a sunday morning irritated someone so much that they chose in their petty bourgeois social worker zeal to defend my children from my barking to also snitch to the police that i had marijuana plants in the greenhouse after having watched them grow for years. the poor benighted soul must share exactly the same mindset as a person capable of betraying one of their neighbours to the gestapo

my revenge will be to stay here and be nice

a public service information leaflet for the locals is in order

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