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pandora credenza opening

erected the pandora credenza and waiting outside was surprised by diana knight and patricia scott-bradford and then as i was posing for patricia, karo and ned turned up dressed to the nines. belle appeared later. james was pleased with it and supplied the promised bubbly

all bad things ended well back at karo's with the kids choosing to retire early and i was in bed by midnight. just perfect

the next day after installing the necessary doorstop at eight thirty in the morning i had one of those moments riding along the beach when i thought i was on holiday

pandora credenza

forgot to take a picture of it in its flat pack state which may have to be remedied as it looks solid

open invitation to worldsystemA

all are cordially invited on monday 30th september at 6.00pm to the opening of the "pandora credenza" an addition to the wholeness of the astor theatre by worldsytemA which will hopefully always be full of the best kind of trouble

the work comprises a growing lending collection "ex libris the goobs at the astor" intended to inform, entertain and home educate the people of deal and the surrounding region, a second altar dedicated to my master the architect and prophet christopher alexander the author of "the nature of order", an announcement and precis of "the grass roots housing process" along with some things i have made in the last twenty years whilst trying to learn how to sweep the floor without being dangerous to the work at hand

privee afterparty as all bad things must come to an end

first lingam for ages

first lingam for ages

started work relatively early on the uprights and felt inspired to start a lingam for the first time in ages and in the hope i can finish it in time for the new altar

busted for cultivation of marijuana

karo started laughing at the irony of my being arrested as we were about to watch breaking bad

i spent last night in the cell trying to recall the names of stoic philosophers. epictetus escaped me till the early morning

the experience has left me immunized and it is now a matter of civil disobedience

shouting on a sunday morning

belle's mere presence has been poisoning the atmosphere here for months as too much of her life has been spent in deepest middle class cunt land almost exclusively in the company of middle class cunts and i am sorry to say that she has consequently been spoiled in more senses than one

after my talk with her on the way to and from sutton i cycled back home and with the help of noe and rose placed all her belongings into purple refuse bags and sent them in a taxi with noe (he had to pick up some stuff) back to her mother's house. if she had been allowed to live with me when she was younger all this would not have happened and she would be a much happier person in herself. she is the child who has unfortunately been the most damaged by the split

the likelihood is that she may be gone for some time

my too loud for seven o'clock shouting on a sunday morning irritated someone so much that they chose in their petty bourgeois social worker zeal to defend my children from my barking to also snitch to the police that i had marijuana plants in the greenhouse after having watched them grow for years. the poor benighted soul must share exactly the same mindset as a person capable of betraying one of their neighbours to the gestapo

my revenge will be to stay here and be nice

a public service information leaflet for the locals is in order

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