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table repair

the current work period started with repairing the petham table that broke over ten years ago

rose on the table in petham, two years old

did all the scraping by hand over two or three days but for the astor shelf i have learned enough to order a stanley no 80 scraping plane which should arrive in the next few days

rose on the table in sutton, fourteen years old

progress on the astor shelf

the first time i met james tillitt i told him i wanted to make something to improve the wholeness of the astor theatre. i remember we talked about the portico and i tried to solve something in the foyer later but it didn't work. in april this year we spoke again about some shelving in the bar and i have been back to measure that place five or six times. it is always better and i much prefer to build things in situ. the top surface will need scribing in at the end any way. he used one of my favourite phrases, "we live in hope" the last time i saw him

today i popped in to show him that i had finally made some progress like a real business person and to ask if we could have an officially publicised opening of the cupboard on monday 30th september 2013 to be possibly attended by the local press with a private celebration in the evening as all bad things must come to an end. missed him but spoke to his assistants

i swear i was completely ready and here's the pic to prove it

progress on the astor shelf

karo was in the box office. should have taken a picture of her but i took pictures of the ticket wall instead. silly billy

my first derive for ages

biking along the beach i stopped to look at what a bunch of people were working on. spoke to a nice guy inarticulately about worldsystemA but with regard to the others present, i have to say that i don't think it's just me that has crap social skills

earlier i had had a strange interaction at the micro pub near the library. it is a possibility that other people are sometimes shite at social interactions with strangers from outside their immediate milieu. use of the word milieu in a sentence for the benefit of belle

found campbell road whilst in a holiday mood and afterwards spoke to noe at the skate park. bright sunny day with a light breeze. perfect

belle is back. dun..dun..dun

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