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as in jah!

peak friday learning dosage control and achieving bits and bobs that need doing

woke with belle getting ready for job experience

lines at 8, 12, 2 and 4.30 and i know i need a diary app on the i piddle and everywhere else

noe is coming later, rose is gallivanting in deal and belle will be the first one back. lonely times. 5.30 + or - 90mins

noe and rose had not arrived by 9 but belle had already done loads before i went out to finish ned's shelf. pic here

just left a youtube comment

omg and wow. many thanks to Team Nakano and´╗┐ masanari for this darshan from the guru. "the different road" he speaks of leads to pattern (0) HEAVEN ON EARTH. praise the creation for christopher alexander and his work

just found this and was very grateful for its existence and for the advice

i was already paying attention to the building on relationship page and can personally vouch for the fact that it works

anger is anti-joy

I had a conversation today with noe in front of mum's picture in the kitchen and we both agreed that i had done my best and that as he was now taller than me he should be totally responsible for his own education from now on. he said he would read the teenage liberation handbook

later, because she had gone to a friend's house instead of coming home as expected i shouted at belle quite deliberately and very loudly in order that she register just how much her behaviour was pissing me off

i apologised for shouting first thing in the morning and we will try and do some productive work together when she gets back later today

anger is anti-joy

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