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a peak saturday

having a productive morning when belle and rose came back from canterbury earlier than expected so i postponed the wood yard visit till tomorrow and nervously gave them things to do to help me. none of us are used to this but i am determined to succeed. its my life after all

belle helped in the garden

it was maintenance and gardening so that i could devote my energy to more effective stuff. it worked and i made significant progress that would not have happened so quickly otherwise

before the mughal corner bed

sajjad before the mughal corner bed

how to pronounce dvorak

its not dvorak its duh Vorjak. the d is not silent


pronunciation for dvořák (dvo·řák)

kia ne mere pas

what have i not got

three copies of the carpet book

three copies of a foreshadowing of 21st century art

i don't think there are any excuses left

this post was the result of rose tolerating a one minute lesson from the daddy

this is because i have the peculiar first world problem that none of my children will learn a bit of programming to help their old dad who is visibly senescing at some things and just wishes he had some help some of the time. my doctor said i might have alzheimers but at least i haven't got alzheimers. i still self identify as on the aspergers spectrum but you can't get the dole for it since they changed the dsm. the worldsystemA front page has a cock on it which i hereby declare a tradition. and here's one i sent to the center for environmental structure for chris's birthday when shahid and i were living at george road and there was the first iteration of pattern 85 shopfront school as the entrance to worldsystemA

birthday lingum

insert pics here and perhaps a definition of sharam for those who may not recognise it

paradise shacks, a proposal

a picture would be nice

the architecture of anarchy: the work of christopher alexander and the nature of order

i have inherited the tab from the kids as someone left it on the top of shelving for over three weeks

ideas from the 1970's germinating just in time to help us repair our homes and remake the world

how to make true low cost housing

the cost of housing consists of 1/3rd for the structure (land, labour and materials). the other 2/3rds is the interest and the mortgage repayment

"If you want to change the real cost of housing, you must address the cost of interest over its life span, modify the lifetime cost of this interest or, if possible, remove the cost of interest altogether."

a method by which a town might regenerate itself

the search function works

and there are eight occurrences of the phrase "caught up with karo"and thirty five mentions of "karo"

it was so nice to spend all day and into the night in her company and noe was there with me until 1.30 and we cycled back together telling each other what a nice time we'd had. i apologised for being a bit irritating at some points in the evening. i had to be told to stop talking more than once i am afraid

so funny. she responded to my favorite joke by imagining an asian parent telling their child to "either open a shop or get a doctorate"

in praise of charlie gibbens

one day i told my favourite joke at the local shop

"what do you call a paki who doesn't own a corner shop?"


and i remember touching a white guy on his shoulder who had just entered the shop and successfully haggled the price of cans of stella with the shopkeeper. both of them laughed out loud which was very gratifying

some days later as i was trying to bungee some lengths of wood to the bike to carry them home from the timber yard a person i did not know from adam asked me where i lived and offered to take the wood to the house for me

when i told him that i lived in one of the terraced houses at the end of st richards road he said that was near garry newing's place. deal is a very small town

this person was charlie gibbens

days later we met again as he was looking at a kitchen job at garry and brian's house and i invited him to come and visit. we went to the local shop to get something to drink and it was only then that charlie remembered the occasion of me telling that joke

this was followed by what i hope was a conversation as opposed to a prolonged rant on my part that lasted for about eight hours. when i do manage to be social it is sometimes fantastic and it was a pleasure speaking with him

after i had asked him if he would help me build a cluster of houses called paradise shacks he suggested that if there were enough of us we could build paradise city

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