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i make stuff so rarely these days

it's like reinventing the wheel each time and makes me slow and stupid

this about making the cupboard work surface for jo. performance anxiety

kaught up with karo for a few moments and arranged thursday

primo levi on readers who write to authors

the drowned and the saved

"In forty years of practice, I have by now become familiar with this singular personage, the reader who writes to the author. He can belong to one of two constellations, one pleasing, the other disagreeable; the intermediary instances are rare. The former give joy and teach. They have read the book attentively, often more than once; they have loved and understood it, at times better than the author himself; they declare themselves enriched by it; present their views with clarity and occasionally their criticism; they thank the author for his work; often they explicitly exempt him from writing a reply. The latter are irksome and a waste of time. They exhibit themselves; parade their merits; often have manuscripts in their drawer, and let it become clear that their intention is to climb with the help of the book and the author as ivy climbs up tree trunks; or they may also be children or adolescents who write out of bravado, on a bet, to obtain an autograph."

primo levi records in "the drowned and the saved" that of the forty readers of the first german edition of "If this is a man" who had written to him, thirty nine belonged to the first constellation

with regard to ca i may be an example of that rare intermediary instance

rose is reading

the equivalent of an A4 page on the internet but its an important one and we had a conversation about it before she returned to watching the reboot of spiderman. i am part of the reason she is thinking of being an architect

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