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missed a whole book

a new theory of urban design

i was probably being distracted by life and missed "a new theory of urban design" when it came out in 1987. i can't quite believe it but just knowing it's title and reading nearly everything else from the center for environmental structure, i assumed i had read it

an account of an experiment simulating the creation of urban fabric guided by wholeness

the theory is completely incompatible with present-day city planning, zoning, urban real estate, economics and law

it will require a revolution to implement any of it



finally got round to reading the copy of influences that colin ward gave me when he visited me above dad's place

of the nine people he presents

william godwin

mary wollstonecraft

alexander herzen

peter kropotkin

martin buber

william richard lethaby

walter segal

patrick geddes

paul goodman

i was aware of only four

on the last page he posits the idea shared by many of them "that the field we choose to call town and country planning was not a profession but a concern of every citizen"

in reference to paul goodman he states "There are more ideas to the page in Communitas than in any other book i have read" and consequently there is a copy heading towards the goobs shelf as i write

part 2 in praise of colin ward

the source of all evil


in "debt: the first 5000 years" david graeber, an anthropologist, considers the economic myth of barter and concludes that money is the result of the abuse of power backed up by violence

"The real question now is how to ratchet things down a bit, to move toward a society where people can live more by working less. I would like, then, to end by putting in a good word for the non-industrious poor. At least they aren't hurting anyone. Insofar as the time they are taking off from work is being spent with friends and family, enjoying and caring for those they love, they're probably improving the world more than we acknowledge. Maybe we should think of them as pioneers of a new economic order that would not share our current one's penchant for self-destruction."


never too late to start a nai zindagi

nai zindagi naya jeevan was the first asian language program on british television

in urdu and hindi it means new life, new way

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