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surely this ...

belle has moved in with me after some persuasion

noe and rose agree with this course of action and in her heart so does belle

i am odin's dad, that's thor's dad's dad

my body armour is complete

in memoriam

beatrice and rose.png

beatrice ( - 19-03-12 ) reading to rose in the kitchen at paradise shacks in petham

ca audio/video portal

here be all the links i can find

please add more

a book from nothing

a universe from nothing

perhaps because its not the first thing i've read on the topic

"We live at a very special time ... the only time when we can observationally verify that we live at a very special time." is as good as lawrence m krauss gets and richard dawkins qoutes it again in the self congratulatory afterword

things are nice and we have a shingle out

elm and cedar screen with japanese tape hinges

the remains of the maquette elm and cedar screen with japanese tape hinges is on display again after fifteen years courtesy of james tillitt at the astor theater and it felt like finally putting a shingle out for worldsystemA

for the first time in what feels like ages all the kids are here asleep

i got round to reading ca's intro to his work in Katarxis No.3 and realised that i had read the 1980 one volume version of "the nature of order" in 1991 and believed it completely even then

the urge to write something grows apace and after getting my first link for it to bookfinder from phillip i bought a copy of the 1993 ingrid fiksdahl-king issue of a and u

wonder if there's an emoticon for rubbing your hands together with glee

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