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via a metafilter thread yesterday, i found a lovely quote from christopher about his struggles and inspiration

"I think about it and worry about it every day. And too often I find myself afraid that I may not succeed sufficiently. Not long ago, I was a little bit gloomy and fed up. I went up to Inverness [on the northern California coast], had an okay meal, stayed at a motel, and went to sleep, which didn't improve my mood.And then in the morning, I decided to drive to the northern end of Point Reyes--out where you sometimes see herds of Tule Elk.

I was getting to a place where the land falls away sharply on both sides of the road. It was misty, and I decided not to continue. I pulled off into a field, popped out of the car, and right next to the carwas a patch of long grass. I lay down in the grass, looking through the stems and blades of grass, out at Tomales Bay.

I was lying there looking at this, and the perfection of it gradually began to impress itself on me. There was a faint sense of light in each of the bits of grass. It wasn't a revelation in any literal sense, and yet as I was looking through these grass stems, myself almost part of the grass, suddenly the thought came to me, So this is what you're trying to do! What the grass does: it is effortlessly creating a beautiful and complex environment. And it isn't just capable of it, but it is doing it, everywhere, and every day, and so easily. I was comforted, because the grass found it so easy.

So there's nothing for me to worry about at all. Even if I fail in my lifetime, it is so obvious. Surely people will understand it sooner or later."

(from an interview by Katy Butler)

i found myself crying

and another reference to richard dawkins under his goal in life

"Among other things, I want to find a way of talking about God in scientific terms that even Richard Dawkins might understand.

I really have as my long-distance target the desire to create a basis from which humankind can build and rebuild a beautiful world."

cameron is fucked. there are pandas involved

adam curtis is fantastic. his bbc blog and his access to the archives allow him to make connections that continually blow my mind. his documentaries have reached the status of compulsory viewing

in honour of christopher hitchens

one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse just died

and i caught up with stephen fry and friends on the life, loves and hates of christopher hitchens today, friday 13-01-12

its an historic document made whilst he was still alive and is a technical oddity of form with fry fluffing the end and the audience get up and leave quite abruptly

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