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the carpet book is back in the house

white field seljuk carpet with infinite repeat of dragons
white field seljuk carpet with infinite repeat of dragons. nevshehir 139cm x 254cm

the same copy from the british library and I already have the scans from when i was at kiad

shukkarAllah - the templeton narrative

posted it out to people yesterday. one by recorded delivery

made myself slightly ill doing it but have learned some lessons and wished i hadn't learned the word nachlass

my apologies to all for the delay due to my indulgence of deadlinitis. something i hope never to experience again. remember, forgiveness is a key

just thought of editing it for the internet form

the weather is unusually warm and noe and i are off to jo's tomorrow

noe packed the camping stuff and i thought of calling out dawkins. bring it on

i cannot believe how lucky i am

what have i not got? kia ne mere pas?


oofAllah god with a small g, i just came across 9th century mu'tazilite muslim anarchists

skyped phillip for a couple of hours going over the templeton. so helpful and i am on the way to emailing the draft out to everyone later tonight

writing is hard

as i am only going to do this once i have decided to give myself a few more days

have had moments of real doubt and fear alleviated by doing about a third of a page and revising it repeatedly

tried to show karo who managed to read phillip's version and noe was scooting past as i left to bike home. we kissed

up and at them

earlier in the day noe asked what vernacular was and ended up reading built by hand and i searched out my copy of rudofsky's architecture without architects which came from janet wall's library on union

things just get better

the first two twirlys for the girls

one of the twirlies was broken before i got a chance to photograph it

belle was very stressed and unnatural about what had happened to it and her reactions were inappropriate. we discussed this and the conclusion was once again that she does not jake sully see me because she has not lived with me since she was five years old

caught up with karo after the goobs had gone to taekwon do

came back at ten and phoned sonny and skyped with him and fatima. lovely to catch up with him

i am very happy

noe and rose are making tons of noise and second breakfast in the kitchen

i've just finished the two twirlies for the girls. they were an academic exercise but i will now try to have a whittling project on the go as therapy from now on and to keep my hand in

am reading the oxford handbook of religion and science

belle will arrive

shahid, have you seen my dunda?


a magic wand for master christopher alexander

i must be in fine fettle if i am attempting this

a panegyric written a long time ago

nikos was very encouraging and i have printed out his interview in vogue with chris

david sent me his templeton 2007 form and i wrote a panegyric ages ago

meanwhile phillip is working on something as i type. so exciting

it will just need tweaking together

wrote to hrh to ask if he would be a referee

that looks like a lot of link whoring but it is the first time for all of them

salvaged to carve another day


the gold paint was to warn me not to carve there

the two pieces roughly at the same point in the process when there is a period of the most enjoyable gentle rythmic whittling

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