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constantly reinventing the wheel


because there are relatively long periods between my episodes of whittling i seem to learn it again each time and constantly have to recover from mistakes like this one

the too deep v in the picture is the result of a cut with a japanese saw that i used in a new technique designed to speed things up. this may not actually be possible as i have again learned that the carving is best done as a whole

this work now has to be deliberate to make the rest of the carving match the form forced by the too deep cut

brown boy lost in the blues

breakfast in bed again!

from traveling riverside blues to led zeppelin

spoke to bill and told him noe was working on his memorial on the moon post


noe fell asleep around ten whilst i continue to indulge myself and listen to robert johnson

and into the 24th

lovely start to the day, everybody in the house

i got breakfast in bed! watched crossroads and started listening to robert johnson the complete recordings

rosie went off to a sleepover, noe to the skate park, belle in the house having stayed awake all night and now at two off to sutton after facebooking her mates for two hours

studying the luminous ground today i came across my father's obit post i don't think i ever gave him enough credit but he trained me to be harsh

i have not here mentioned before that i am in the process of nominating christopher alexander for the templeton prize

excellent 23rd of the month

mmmm tout va bien

i am blossoming under noe's home tutelage and am the best i have been in years

and now the girls are here

staying up late after noe retired at nine, rosie fell asleep listening to dylan songs and the whole of blood on the tracks which i bought when i was nineteen and working for dad in tooting bec

then worked on karo's mixtape

belle awake till probably after me and she agreed to go out dancing yippee!

concrete circus

i went to daddy's room after regaining consciousness. i jumped in bed and watched concrete circus whilst he went downstairs and made spaggers on toast which i had in bed along with a cup of tea. concrete circus is a documentary on street sports that shows people working with young film makers to make short movies. Their talents include flatland bmxing, free running and trials biking.

memorial on the moon

karo had expressed doubt about the moon landings and when daddy asked her again kavan said he thought the first one was fake


the fallen astronaut is an 8.5 cm tall alluminium sculpture of an astronaut in a spacesuit. it honours the 8 astronauts and 6 cosmonauts that had died in the advancement of space lies at hadley rille on the moon next to a commemorative plaque of the names of the deceased

it was created by a belgian artist, paul van hoeydonck who met astronaut david scott at a dinner party. the statuette had to be sturdy, lightweight and be able to withstand the extreme temperatures of the moon. it also could not be identifiably male or female or of any ethnic group

sadly, two names are missing from the plaque, those of valentin bondarenko and grigori nelyubov
who's deaths were not reported due to the secrecy of the russian space program

three prophets

forgive me if i repeat myself

a while ago i decided i wanted to meet three people before i died, and conspire with them, as in breath the same air

ivan illich died before i could do that, christopher alexander is the man and i have yet to personaly thank noam chomsky

christopher's remark that there had been many books in the last hundred years pointing the way reminds me that given the seven billion on earth there must be a considerable number of prophets living amongst us, let alone the false ones.

goobs arrived near midnight

9-10-11 celebration is in process

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