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all goes well

changed our fence and gave helen some more garden. fixed jackie and robin's fence by making an arch against the workshop

massive gardening hit with rosie whilst noe is at the skate park making friends and practicing the cool

after rose left he worked till supper and bedtime

having consumed more than two liters of said coke, i found i couldn't sleep. at 3:30 i went into daddy`s room to complain about how frustrating it was not being able to sleep. i tried sleeping in daddy`s bed but i still found i couldn`t sleep so discussed what was making me stay up so late and we decided to blame it on the coke. daddy suggested i play on portal. so i did. i finished it an then we looked on the web at various miscellaneous things and then i started portal 2. and today i plan on making a robot from a laptop and some old speakers

it is the first day of summer and all is activity and loud music and moving things about and learning how to say dalziel and meeting paul after looking around the douglas in deal and on to k's with vodka and grenadine in cold glasses and carrying on forever the next morning

pour moi c'est parfait

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