the time travellers feast 2010-11

i awoke to find noé asleep on the floor at my feet. he'd moved during the trip after being disturbed from hypersleep by the turbulence in the worm hole (it sounded and looked like fireworks apparently) thereby establishing the tradition of lying on the floor to make sure the journey doesn't end in mid air and reinforcing the tradition of sharing the same sleeping space in order to end up together in the future

the first food consumed should be a date

homegrown and sweet wine

checked the telemetry and found that the bitter penises had just became my favourite band of all time

radio spiritworld (inter-dimensional) could be this years news at bedtime

made a comment on metafilter and just then rosie was the first to wake up followed by noé


feast preparations so rosie takes a bath which leads to a row about who is and isn't doing their share

i insist that this will not be one of the traditions in the future

and neither will the lump attack that ended the day for me only to wake up as the next day began

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