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awake at four

watching all the kids asleep in the same space. this is a tradition that i suggest is made mandatory and will inshallah include grandchildren. i will hire bigger floors

heading into the time travellers feast 2010, we will have to invent everything we want to happen

for instance when do we open the presents? anytime apparently

then off with belle to breakfast at the black douglas coffee shop which i thought was 81 the restaurant

went sainsbugging, had breakfast then picked up icecream and biked back. belle was happy

the daddy controls the vertical, the daddy controls the horizontal. another mandatory tradition

lord of the rings for owls


two bottles of very sweet dessert wine opened with a wooden spoon. belle likes it

noé voluntarily followed the instructions for the pizzas and also made a little salad

followed by tangled for the third time for rosie

relatively calm humbug season

beginning with the only two cards we recieved this year. one from each neighbour

the second arrived just after i had ranted about the sheer waste of paper. perfect


the cards are the same, the truly strange thing is the cards themselves, each has a cutout of the postbox in the picture stuck over the actual postbox in the picture. a strange 3d attachment

noé left on the 19th and i gave karo the last two bottles of wine on the 20th

i think i may have some alcohol at the time travellers feast

saw tron legacy with the children courtesy of dominique on the 23rd

noé returned for a five hour gaming session on the 26th and left to see his cousins on the 27th

rosie came on the 28th and has not lifted a finger since, except to use the ps3 and watch movies

the kids are all here at last and they will stay with me until the 2nd of january

i cannot help boasting

google can rate a site by reading level in the advanced search options

if i was so smart i'd put up a screengrab of the results for

and this even despite of blogging about the kids all the time

an interesting beginning of the day

i felt physicaly well even though i have spent the last few days drinking and smoking at will

i am recalling chris's remark that alchohol opens you up

expresssed some of this on facebook

went downstairs to pick up some wine and began a shave. what kind of example am i to noé?

link to microsoft individual recording his life digitally including vital signs and images of his visual field every ten seconds or so

evacuated a small amout of faeces. the event is supposedly recorded for people in care in anticipation of constipation as a side effect of the drugs they are forced to take, this is a reference to the graphic i devised for recording the life of individuals inside the care shitstem

mentioned the possibility of a breakfast after a cold bike ride to noé last night to make up for his disappointment at not being taken to the movies with rose and her friends

i can feel psychotherapy happening

what does noé want?

we went for breakfast at the black douglas cafe in deal and met mr frost

it is snowing

after all these years i feel as if i am coming into my own

current view from the bed


there will be an attempt at a shelf unit for all the gaming paraphenalia on the left hand side

and a new desk methinks

fifteeeeeeeeeeeeeeen bottles of wine

drinking the first one now. a white, that;s all i know. and apparently a notebook is handy when wine tasting

the results so far, i wrote a great email to renée

i have had back ache for the last week and am beginning to understand why

will finish 'healing back pain' by john e sarno md sooner rather than later

far too long since the last post

and i blame noé. he is taking up all my time and energy like a vampire, only without the glitter


lotsa has been happening. in this weeks episode there was a transporter malfunction and noé started turning into a klingon

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