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crashing and burning with the twins

up at 4.30 having gone to sleep before nine

belle and noé are asleep

sent an awful haiku about homegrown and wine to renée

police inspector gadget
we are the proud owners of a ruralshire constabulary t shirt

richard dawkins answers questions from reddit

noé will read the selfish gene as soon as i can find it

i have been attempting to watch the leonard cohen documentary bird on a wire on the iplayer with an intermittent internet - a fantastic scene of a woman coming on to him and i'm only twenty minutes in. apparently people cry at the end. in the film i mean

christ almighty! at 42 minutes there is extensive footage of general nguyen ngoc loan shooting a vietcong suspect in the head

and just an hour earlier i was reading an article about headshots in movies which referenced the same shooting in the vietnam war as near the beginning of such graphic shots in films

violence off the screen is infinitely more effective

vented at noé and belle about the fairness of who does the washing up. a conversation i intend to have only once more in a civil manner with all three children present

belle has promised to read paul mitchell's cloud atlas and birdsong by sebastian faulks as her next two fiction books as i do not influence her education in any other way

i am being swamped

by all the things i need to do and all the books i need to read

i am trying to not buy a book until i have read one but am getting past this restriction by pretending to be buying books for the children

intend to leave them books and handtools

guns, germs and steel


finally got round to this after noé asked why all the black people in the world were poor and the rich were all white

we started reading it together but the language in the early chapters proved a little too dryly academic for noé

the intention is to watch the national geographic documentaries that jared diamond made a quatre when we will discuss the ideas and noé will write an essay

apologies to new readers

welcome to anyone here as a result of the leaflet in the great mongeham newsletter

please take the time to look at the work of Christopher Alexander at sites based on his books A Pattern Language and The Nature Of Order

meanwhile, rebuilding this site is proceeding more slowly than i had hoped but the portfolio section is on its way

thank you for your patience

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