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just short of four hundred copies

ended up working all day, ran out of ink but delivered the leaflets to peter hambrook just after six pm

insert pdf here

caught belle on skype and emailed her the word documents in birmingham

i just threw away my glasses

illich went round with a tumour on his face!

massively irritated by my myopia

i just spoke to noé. learning to be a dad

later resurrected the glasses. amazing that the plastic is so strong whilst the metal at the hinges breaks so easily

leaflet deadline extended

began the day a third of a bottle of jameson's in

phoned peter (hambrook) about the leaflet and had the deadline extended a few days

round to karo's to be pleasantly surprised with cash

and back home to belle and later rosie

noé rang to ask if he could slack, playtime's over isn't it?

suddenly there are no children

noé biked to his other parent's house on sunday night

belle, rosie and i went to canterbury for the day on monday where, whilst i waited out in the street they proceeded to use my card to go girlie shopping. they were very sensible apart from the high heels

noé came back and said sorry and then suddenly i was without kids

i need to do the leaflet tomorrow or the next day

a living pattern language

i still have the cards for a living pattern language that people have helped me make over the years

the photograph illustrating settled work is of carl jung sitting down chopping firewood

might ask chris for permission to make a living pattern language set


whilst walking to the shop the other day my shoulder blades were locked solid and i had been unaware of it

stress manifests in endless variations

the work of dealing with the causes has to be integral with living

woke at three

a good couple of days work

noé is learning that he is capable of control over his own education

conversations about the amount of gaming continue as he is addicted

massages were mentioned as possible rewards

i am encouraged enough to say in print ... amushrooming we will go and the website redo and leaflet are on for before the 20th of this month

a glimpse of god in matter

it is christopher alexander's birthday

i was thinking about the leaflet again and found some possible quotes, amazing how much i've read around the subject but how little i've annotated. horrible academic habit but it does make writing easier later

"A religious point of view - is inevitable as an accurate description of matter, if it is going to take into account the empirical facts about architecture."

"I gradually have come to the conclusion that the presence of God in matter is inevitable. You can’t have a coherent picture that does justice to all the facts unless you have something like that in your mind. Exactly the form that does take, I won’t be the ultimate judge of. But I do think it’s unavoidable."

and an older one from a pattern language or the timeless way of building

“When you build a thing you cannot merely build that thing in isolation, but must also repair the world around it, and within it, so that the larger world at that one place becomes more coherent, more whole.”

things go well with noé reading a physics textbook

i interrupted him with woodwork tasks

"meals will arrive, the dishes will disappear"

scratching out of stress but i have cut my nails. result

watched a panorama about the bbc reporter who loses his rag with the scientologists and a Qi. noé in relax mode after having done a chunk of physics

documentary television programmes are too slow at imparting factual information

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