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in praise of colin ward

he died in january this year

came to dinner after i had written him a fan letter wishing him more power to his pen

read the intro to the anniversary edition of lewis mumford's "the future of technics and civilization" which had a quote that i used with noé as a dictation to test his writing

his typing will be tested here

job 001 worldsystemA

front door bodge

job 001 'front door bodge'

noe did the above text and pic and i added this from belle's netbook. progress

i am stoned and drunk and intense

understood another reason for my elbow ache, no one does enough work around here

i had all the goobs around me today. the girls played on the ps3 and belle archived whilst rosie read for a while

i stopped noé choosing when he got his hour and he found it very mirror on the wall who's the most annoyyyyiiiiiing! of all but this was also because he was being asked to do some work as he had been arseing about since friday morning which he admitted. consequently we both decided to do more from now on

noé did a maths session and reading which jointly lasted about 40 miniutes
we started watching breaking bad but dominique came and the girls decided to go with her so we didn't finish the episode which noé found very irrriittaaattiinnnngg!!

eco came

eco came and ate butterbean curry. ben enjoyed it, first time he had ever eaten butterbeans


my belief in john sarno's diagnosis of tension myositis syndrome is reinforced by what is most likely symptom transfer as i now have an aching right elbow

meanwhile, not repressing my anger about dominique's wretched behaviour consistently removes the dagger from my lower back

even after my poor behaviour over the last couple of days, noé is still happy to attempt home education with me and we ordered some textbooks for maths, biology, chemistry and physics

family britain

family britain.jpg

the second volume of david kynaston's history of britain since the second world war

wonderfully evocative of the stifling conformity and deference to authority of the fifties

1956 was a momentous year

i eagerly look forward to the next volume

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