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the girls left

yesterday evening meaning anytime between four and nine pm or seven thirty when we call

they had done some clearing up and were being helpful

and then belle came back today for lonely time which now consists of her catching up with her tv watching while taking up all the room in my bed and expecting to be fed prawn crackers

belle just farted for the last time

brunch at wellingtons

rain in the afternoon

in tutor mode with rose

trying to make them more chocolatey

in honour of stewart brand

"You own your own words, unless they contain information. In which case they belong to no one."

brian hansen (sound of spitting) has brand as one of the three people he'd like to meet before one of them dies

i must retrieve my copy of whole earth discipline

noé is away for another week

and will come back with the cousins

meanwhile the girls are awake and plugged in

very nice to have them back. they will start helping me tomorrow

rose fell aseep after two and bell has just started watching selling the sixties just before four am

the return of the goobs!

noé is coming tomorrow but the grills are expected today

have not been blogging my reading but will get the help to put up thumbnails at least. spending so much on books that at one point there was less that five pounds left in the account

oh, and i have come across montaigne. i might have mentioned that

woke up at five and started waiting for belle and rosie and rearranging stuff

why do i smoke dope? because it opens up my head, relaxes me and connects me with the universe

next question, why do people smoke nicotine?

i have got backache

but i am working on it. there may even be some symptom transfer going on but i think i know some of the reasons why

unlikely to make it to arundel while the weather lasts. next spring maybe

caught up with caro and kavan (joke)

got a multiple letter from belle squelle which made me very happy

i am beginning to learn how to live from montaigne and reached an understanding with karo about the reason for the decline of educational standards

it is results season and the beeb is showing selected kids (awoken early) having their grades read out by proud deputy headmasters. if only they would read out some results from the other end of the scale

allahoakhbar! fukme allah! you can invent new ones can't you? there are the hadith for a start

they clip your claws and cut your your hair, its one step from the jungle to the zoo courtesy of eco

i am so looking forward to the children coming back

snoogy opera in the morning

the children will be back in nine or ten days

off to petham to do some work for jo. the weather could be a bit better

the light at sunrise was autumnal

progress and a letter

began the trompe l'oeil door surround in the front room and resurrected the dresser/shelving unit in the kitchen

roll on the kitchen table and i must get round to painting everywhere soon

i am missing belle the most it seems and it was so nice to get a long letter from her written in green ink. they will be back in less than two weeks

george carlin

came across a clip of george carlin ranting about the american education system which ends with "it's called the american dream because you have to be asleep to believe it"

catching up with some of his back catalogue today

in the afternoon a great storm with hailstones and monsoon sized rain

ealier, made a salad with string beans from the garden. will grow more than three of them next time

gathering momentum

so slowly

arranged to meet jo tomorrow to organise work for next week while she is away

did some admin, repaired the usb glitch on the old machine and copied everthing that looked useful on to the passport

hoovered a bit and moved back into my room

slow, quiet day

feeling a little out of sorts. spent most of the day in bed

managed to wax the ends of the pieces of beech, did the accumulated washing up and cooked a string bean and potato curry

i am missing the children a lot

started a data protection request

and posted it

and then wrote to the met about bankoku

earlier in the day i picked up two pieces of beech from a tree that had fallen down and was being cut into firewood

will wax them tomorrow along with the piece of wood that mrs robinson gave me

i am the man who makes the lingams in front of the gate to heaven

i keep breaking into goobspeak. miss them so much when they could be doing stuff with me

having lifted the router off the floor the internets have reached the workshop. mostly for listening to radio four

oh noooooo


i completely ballsed up taking pictures at bill's the other day and i just accidentally deleted all that i had accept the first attempt at a panorama of his workshop. massively stupid. i'll ask if i can please do another run through the house because i have obviously lost the shot of the scribing to the beam that he was proud enough to point out as well as the fact that i wanted to take more detail shots this time round. it will be an education

the zephyrs of freedom are blowing through the canyons of my bottom, most def

i just solved the corner desk and it is fantastically stable. it has to be, it's nailed into the wall but the single leg just leaves so much room

the mulberries are ripening

the kids just missed them and i promised jo some if the season lasts that long. they went to france and spain starting at four this morning

geoffrey told me about the mulberry tree on mongeham village green and noé and rosie had been there with me as it's about two hundred yards from the house

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