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and bought a ps3 today

so thats all i will see of him till they get back from france

i have had to move out of my room so that he can use the big screen the resolution of which is just fantastic

and started living here today we hope

noé is moving in today - hurrrah

memorial day

got to the bandstand just as the last post began. the white huts on the beach are all different.

found myself crying during the silence along with many others i think

it was the largest crowd, the place was just jam packed

a woman on the way back to their car stopped to rest and sat down on the bench. we talked and agreed that the wars are crap

i got to the astor theater after 7.30 having had a fish supper from middle street eaten in the fading sunshine on the promenade - fun watching people go by. a protien hit in a drink might be worth checking out but i think i prefer eating

earlier rosie had been displeased that i was not coming swimming. dominique took the mattresses away and the front room is clearer as karo took some stuff away as well. hurrah

i danced my brains out twice to "beautiful" by the onlookers and a song by cocos lovers

met james and chloe

will take the children next thursday

followed by another great day

Noé's last day at school although he's going to camp with the ccf for a week and begins his time with me on 11 july

fantastic day

the children went shopping and swimming unexpectedly and after phoning them i used the time productively listening to democracy now!

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