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do you want to see a man in heaven?

all the children are with me


belle has her new notebook

rose is back from france

noé continues the process of beginning to move in with me and learn some discipline

they were all dressed in black

first blog entry from the workshop

by complete surprise the rosie laptop picked up the belkin in the workshop and hence this post. amazing

the bulldog? router is yet to be initiated. will again attempt wireless for jo with noé's help

spent the morning gardening. bedding in plants is definitely one of the most pleasurable aspects of the whole enterprise

looking forward to home learning

walker evans on james agee

"His clothes were deliberately cheap, not only because he was poor but because he wanted to be able to forget them."

i am very happy these days

noé worked in the garden and belle in the house. much was achieved by all of us

i am paying attention to all the possible symptoms of tension myositis syndrome

a free day

noé off to school and the plan is that 10th july will be his last day as he returns from the ccf camp. i met with his headmaster mr morgan yesterday who turned out to be a very reasonable man

all goes well and my time is my own

enjoying the new screen which means we have two machines going at the same time, will not need as much heating in the winter, not fully connected up yet, but as paul just said in an email, slowly slowly catchee monkey

did more work for jo and plan to take noé there next time

even managing some admin

gardening in bits. what i need is a workforce

it's my birthday

on the 2nd of june. i was 54 and celebrated over several days in lots of ways. much fun was had by all

rosie came back a week early and so was here to help me celebrate

there are pictures

there will be a post in praise of john sarno

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