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so the next day i decided to do it again

karo and theo had stayed overnight and went to school from here

things are finally arriving in the post, the sandpaper saga ended on friday, the carphone one continues

i have glued the first of the toolboxes on castors and am delaying the clean up

noé has chosen cctf and to be round at his mum's till later

i am feeling fucking very good

karo brought the chairs around and they are so lovely and feel perfect for the house

started n the garden early in the morning and watered the greenhouse without getting my slippers and feet dirty

continuously rewriting the leaflet and have yet to locate any great images

missed the deadline and the police dog handling meeting

must do the website

noé was in the workshop

it just has to be blogged that noé was in the workshop trying incised lettering for the first time with sharp chisels and he chewed up some pine and mdf as well as cutting out chunks of hardboard with a coping saw


he spent some time there over the weekend. it was like having a small child in there. he has never had that kind of access to a workshop before

not strictly true


phew and ... relax

two more days at jo's

noé took his termly day off, consequently i did no work on wednesday, we biked into town along the beach

caught up with karo at the mill on thursday

trying to learn gardening like mad

a little too much alcohol and dope for too long makes me sleepy and my tolerances are very low after any extended period of sobriety and i was expecting to help karo move the chairs

noé cannot tell when i am stoned, he has to smell my breath to see if i have smoked, apparently i am more serious when i am stoned but louder when i am drunk. alchohol is a poison and not my thing

belle picked up avatar, there should be more pictures in this blog

looking forward to working with noé in the morning

repairing jo's stool

the workbench is finished, i applied the last coat of varnish at six o'clock this morning while noé and belle were still asleep

just spent over two hours cleaning the tenons and digging the glue out of the mortices of jo's stool using a curved chisel i haven't used since i did the lettering for the knightley house sign. it was sharp and just the right tool for the job. i used one of my new lie-nielsen scrapers for the first time and that was also a real pleasure

i love woodwork

planning to use fox wedges and epoxy to put the stool back together

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