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finaly doing some paid work


spent a couple of days at jo's. here be the before shot, the software had a hard time making the panorama

did some of the tiling and worked out how to do the woodwork. made a spectacular and completely unprofessional mess as i used bill's circular saw and a biscuit jointer on the landing but cleared up most of it later. came back home to do some gardening (the purple sprouting broccoli is wonderful), repair jo's stool and prepare things for the next round on monday. things are going well. tout vas bien

amazon deliver

i was impressed by the amazon delivery arriving just after nine o'clock on saturday morning and nikos's new book "a theory of architecture" arrived a bit later in the post. i think i'll review it as he linked to my review of "architecture and deconstruction" and i haven't thought about this stuff academically for a while. hope i can find the time for it

began the second compost heap of compressed and watered layers and moved the actual bin to its new position which may encourage helen to contribute her organic waste to it

assembly of the workbench proceeds, attached the vice, the top is in place and the a1 drawers are leveled and work. that leaves the face pieces for the vice and a few almost cosmetic things to do including varnishing the top but i will start moving the tools back into the workshop tomorrow

after i attach the pieces of wood to the wall that noé suggested the bench will look just like a shaker counter

the charger saga

the battery charger for the drill driver suddenly stopped functioning and i must have wasted almost two days riding round deal in futile attempts to try and replace or find ways of repairing it. finally gave up when it was tested and there was nothing coming out of the transformer. this after having bought a tt10 torx screwdriver for the single use of opening the bloody thing in the hope that it was just a loose solder joint

my desire to not waste anything verges on autistic and the guys at states agreed that as a society we are making a great mistake in no longer trying to repair things or even making them repairable in the first place. in the end i left a search query on ebay

jo came and picked up some tools and i decided to delay working at petham till next wednesday. time appears to be passing very quickly these days

movable shelves

meanwhile the lean to now has three moveable out of the way shelves and i have potted up the tomatoes and onions that robin donated

hopefully the next couple of days will be more productive as i make the work bench

i ended up buying another drill driver which will arrive tomorrow if amazon have their act together

digesting the last few days

noé arrived on wednesday and both he and belle helped me finish the greenhouse which has been redesignated the lean to. belle did some planting of seeds

the next day noé's ps3 deadlined which depressed his mood somewhat. karo and theo came later on to admire the lean to and ended up having daal and staying till a little later than would have suited all the children, but for me it was great to just sit and talk

steve-and-noe playing guitar hero

eco turned up as promised on friday afternoon. great to see him. noé and he proceeded to play guitar hero on the ps2 and i remembered i had stopped paying attention to music at the end of the eighties when i left all my vinyl at reneé's. steve demonstarted his new pedal, dubbed "the 8-bit" which he is very enthused about

the next day, as a result of finally getting round to rehearsing his times tables, i ended up getting very angry and shouting at noé as he had made no effort at all to learn them whilst in france even after gently repeated requests for him to do so. he did some helpful work in the garden later and planted some seeds in trays and pots. he also helped clear the workshop but was sullen. as he left for dominique's house we agreed to discuss his annoyance at the next available opportunity

caught up with eco again on sunday at the louie in dover to where i was given a lift by dominique as both noé and belle had decided to stay at her house. on the journey, we talked about the fact that i considered noé to be educationally retarded. i understood again why i try to limit my interactions with dominique. she finds me too "intense" and i just continuously feel like repeatedly hitting her in the face with a brick and reducing her stupid fucking middle class head to a pulp. i must work on my anger management and one method would be to try and avoid all contact with her and i deeply wish that was possible

the two fires, the people and the music on the hill overlooking dover were a welcome peaceful interlude but as i am writing this the next day i realise even a two minute converstaion with dominique can take me days to get over

i can cut glass


i seem to have reached an accommodation with the stuff and managed to cut all the glass for the doors, repaired the large mirror and made smaller pieces of mirror for future projects

the secret apart from cleanliness when cutting is to not dither about with it. somehow i had managed to pick up the idea of starting the cracking by tapping it whereas the thing to do is to be firm with it so it doesn't get a chance to go on its own merry way

i feel like i've picked up another skill

having trouble with the phones again but dominique managed to get through around eleven. spoke to belle and the gooby twins will hopefully come round later

wish i was better at being the divorced dad and could learn how to make it hurt less

belle came and was very loving. more kisses for me

she arrived as i was gluing up the second door. we made some pasta for her lunch and she watched a movie in the kitchen while i finished cleaning and hanging the doors

hopefully noé will come tomorrow after he's finished earning some money and playing his new ps3 game

lovely sunny day and all goes well

getting excited about the goobs coming back, i am singing gooby opera and snoogy songs

finished siding the greenhouse and pre-fitted the hinges to it so hanging the doors should be easier

"breaking bad" is so good i'm watching it for a few minutes at a time to make it last longer

all goes well

dance failure

managed not to dance at karo's party and came home early. another good decision methinks. i don't have to like crowded noisy pubs and the meniere's disease was not helping

delivered karo's birthday present after lunchtime today and left her to rest as she still had not been to sleep

came home after a bit of shopping, cooked some kidney beans, machined the wood for the doors and hinged the sides prior to assembling them. will try and put the siding on the greenhouse and hang the door sides before actually putting the doors together

asked karo to help cut the glass but think i should try and do it myself for the practice even though i hate the stuff

nice to be feeling so positive. its the more helpful option i think. why has it taken me so long to realise this?

looking forward to the two goobs coming back. more kisses for me

a good decision

woke up a bit early, read the internets, fell back to sleep, woke again at nine thirty, feeling dizzy, ate breakfast, felt really tired and groggy, got dressed to start work outside but went back to bed as i was not feeling very well. woke at one thirty got dressed again to work on the greenhouse and workbench as planned but made a great decision to work on the osage orange wand instead


listening to dylan's bootleg series volume three, proceeded to finish the wand by six. just what i needed, gentle whittling, making a beautiful thing, sitting in the kitchen enjoying bob and looking at the sunshine in the garden

was emotionally quiet enough to start missing the children again. being the divorced dad is crap

early to sleep this evening, i won't be rushing to finish the wand and will hopefully be well enough to dance for the first time in ages at karo's 50th birthday party tomorrow. a really good decision

perfectionism is a curse

i managed to crack two pieces of glass as i was cutting them to size but then decided to use one that was slightly too small with some wood as a packer. it works and is indistinguishable from the outside and hardly noticeable from the inside


its only a greenhouse made out of recycled materials and not fine furniture

still feeling dizzy but the pvc and wood were delivered just after mid-day so i managed to finish putting on the roof by the end of the afternoon. very sunny and hot work

i am much happier when i achieve things during the day. will make an early start tomorrow as i want to finish the doors and the workbench before the goobs get back

dizzy days

two days working feeling dizzy all the time

not much time left before the twins get back from france and i have to go earn some money at jo's

made some progress with installing the vice and the design of the workbench

went to the woodyard and ordered the vinyl for the roof and the wood for the two doors, followed by shopping and a slow bike ride home

sickie day

woke just after midnight and felt dizzy as in an episode of meniere's disease. tensed up but there was nothing to do but try and go back to sleep and hope i was ok in the morning. woke again and could feel my ears blocked as if i had an infection. still dizzy in the morning. this is not as bad as occasions in the past which have been totally debillitating to the extent that my body decides to evacuate everything. thankfully they are rare and there is nothing to do but wait for it to go away

feel helpless. no wonder health is the first prerequisite of happiness

more greenhouse

lotsa pain perdu for breakfast, perhaps a little too much. i have put on weight recently probably from all the alcohol and munchies

bought a saturday guardian for the first time in months. same old same old. i know why i don't bother with newspapers any more. they are such a waste of paper.

consequently started work just before mid-day but went on to do a fair amount. the frame is now attached to the shed wall and is almost ready to roof and glaze. the space for the door is too wide so i think i will have to make a pair like french doors

wishing the kids were here for all this activity. they would have enjoyed it. missing them all the time

greenhouse progress


rain stopped play just after i managed to put this up

it was sunny again later but i'd lost the momentum

hopefully make up for it by doing more tomorrow

long productive day


began by attaching a bolt to helen's side of the fence and will drill the hole for it when i have located the large drills amongst the tool mess in the bedroom

spent the rest of the day making much progress with the greenhouse and used the new clamps for the first time to assemble the two short sides

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