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long session of whittling


carved an osage orange wand for most of the morning and early afternoon and spent the next three days without clearing the shavings from the bit of the bed i was not occupying

will finish it gently in the next week or so

have spent two days not doing anything and realised that rosie will not be coming back with the others in mid april

i am missing her too much

rehanging the workshop door


i do not know why it took so long to get to this but it is now lockable but still needs a handle on the inside

followed by a shopping trip as the weather is set to deteriorate

slow slightly hungover sunday

suffering for the excessive drinking of rum last night but not excessively

mostly cleaning up. it all needs doing. probably in anticipation of going to the pictures to see alice in wonderland with karo and theo. was excellent. the best tim burton movie so far. hope the goobs get a chance to see it

had dreamweaver fired up all day

thats the end of the rum. listening to opera contemplating my maths homework

the cleaning has begun

tools in the bedroom

from the left side of the picture

wore my new ear protectors to do the hoovering. later played music as loud as i could for hours (not very loud as it happens) the weather forecast is rainy over the next few days. i think i'll stay at home and tidy up. did eveything from put up pictures to start replacing the hinges on the workshop door

loads of things have been started and i wish the goobs were here to take part, help me and learn stuff. nevermind, there will be other occasions and i'll be even more prepared for it

i am planning to dance my brains out at karo's birthday bash. seem to be using facebook and accidentally asked someone named sajjad afzal muhammed afzal to friend me. wrote on phillip's wall that i had been unfriended by brian hansen and was "out of the loop"

did i ever drink morgans spiced rum in the caribbean (tastes like rum and raisen icecream). thought of janet and her giant glasses of coke and rum she bought by the case

noé has taken a day off

noé working on his bike

i was wanting to spend time with daddy so i took the day off. i put up 3 hooks ( two on daddy's door and one on mine ). i hammered in a six inch nail into two pieces of tanalised wood and i managed to pull it out again. i learned to use a drill properly and i learned about the necessity of pilot holes. we measured a vice and used a center punch and because daddy's back hurts i did a lot of bending down to pick things up for him. i also changed a pedal on my bike, a mud guard and a back light and rehearsed words on my list of words i found in 'the road' that i didn't understand.

part time self-employed single parent


i properly honed a blade and the block plane produced lovely shavings from the pink ivory master's wand

wood yard visit where i said stupid was a harsh word and since i had become a part time self-employed single
parent all i had done was spend money

the wood for the workbench will arrive tomorrow afternoon. tout va bien

i am feeling fantastic but that may just be all the self medication. jamesons comes in sweet little half bottles

was incredibly efficient all day. asked for lots of things from the library

the kids are due at 5 ish for a half hour. ended up staying for a couple of hours with noé wanting to leave earlier for some reason. a liddle bid tired perhaps. there was a delay whilst we located some .dpg files nono wanted to take with him

after they left, talked to jo and delayed petham until mid april to give me a chance to get myself sorted. a great decision

i am feeling fucking fantastic

nearly midnight, all the kids asleep, listening to razia sultan and designing the workshop

i am getting a great deal done with the help of drugs and the children. taken 1000mg of paracetomol on two occasions. jackie says i have overdone it and that is why my right heal is swollen and my back is aching to the point of having sciatica all down my right leg. she is correct

must learn to move in a more ninja like fashion. feeling very hopeful and as is if things are going well

will miss the kids like mad when they are gone. life is full of injustice but who said it was going to be fair

books about being a divorced dad are rare

tape measure of the carpenters of danger

before they went we discovered the best tape measure so far. it's black and yellow. the carpenters of danger!

spoke to renée. the accent makes a difference to computers and noé has a new email

garden before greenhouse


the garden begins the day looking like this. the foundations (slightly off) were laid a few weeks ago

made some progress on the frame, did some machining which led to the workshop being a bit tidier

welcome to worldsystemA

as of today i am officially part time self employed and i feel it incumbent upon me that i blog my daily activity

began by debating wether to use dreamweaver to update the site or do the greenhouse. why not both? the day will be interupted by registering at dover and going to the asian supermarket for garlic purée and a sainsbury's hit in deal. planted some germinated seeds into peat free compost as well as peas and beans. planning to have a little of lots. noé phoned to say someone up the road was throwing away a tower, it was gutted but a shell is a good start. i also picked up a couple of cushions i'd noticed earlier. mughals on bolsters. remembered throwing away renée's fifties setee and chair, turning her living room into a workshop and trying to make a built in sofa out of one of her doors that i'd removed. took stills and video of the bathroom. caught up with katie and lola at the library

fine woodworking magazine

i lean over and the first fine woodworking i focus on is october 2002 no. 158 containing an article on how to install a cast-iron vice. thats two everyday miracles so far today. things go well. nono back late and so to bed

anon. pictures and video to follow

spot transformation


this is how i got rid of my first spot

using the machine more

karo's table being repaired

forgot to take pictures. i need an apprentice. still living life in the wrong order

had to improvise scrapers and managed to achieve the rustic feel of a pub table except the insert which should be 400p at least and bathed in danish oil

i am wondering if it now does any good to know of the records and standards achieved by shokunin

surprise lonely time with belle


belle in a gif

this is a sneaky way of blogging the desk that's been in progress for months. still on a-frames and an old trestle shelf unit but it did help to dimension the ultimate shape of the desk surface whilst seeing it in position allowed me to imagine the legs that will eventually support it

belle appeared unexpectedly on friday night. she did her homework and we discussed the solution to her stressful nailbiting. a very nice time followed and she stayed overnight until leaving today to attend rose's birthday party. whilst here she did all the prep and work for nan khatai for jackie's birthday tomorrow, attacked the masters wand with a plane, took pictures on commission and seeded the photoshop lessons. just doing loads of stuff. so nice

in praise of james krenov


ages ago whilst at woodward bros i did my first real piece, a walnut and cedar drinks cabinet after reading krenov's the fine art of cabinetmaking


the clients had accidentally killed a tree in their garden, had it bandsawn too thinly and left it to dry in the garage i had to use bill's sander to dimension it. the doors are contiguous. getting the image up meant learning some photoshop on which there was a little lesson a quatre

for the new workshop we are about to remake some stands he suggests. whatever happened to the two old sets i wonder

and today at the age of nearly 54 i finally ground something properly for the first time after adapting a jig he explains in the same book and i am about to learn honing. good grief

this after going on about how i wanted to teach the goobs sharpening

"To do good work year after year you need sharp tools, the sense of being at ease, and the feeling that things are going well."

fantastic craftsman and a great teacher

the architecture of anarchy


the architecture of anarchy ... the work of christopher alexander and the nature of order

bismillah inshallah - in the name of the creation i begin 25/12/13

"Anarchism not as a fixed self enclosed social system with a fixed answer to all the multifarious questions and problems of human life but rather as a definite trend in the historic development of mankind which strives for the free unhindered unfolding of all the individual and social forces in life." Rudolf Rocker

the god delusion

the god delusion.jpg

i've been meaning to catch up with richard dawkins' the god delusion for a while. i now need no further convincing of the non existense of god so i can stop reading round the topic. we have however just purchased a copy of the gospel of the flying spaghetti monster which noé will blog about in a little while

not with a bang but a whimper

not with a bang.jpg

the politics and culture of decline is the third of anthony daniel's (writing as theodore dalrymple) books that i've read. i don't agree with everything he asserts but he writes so well its a pleasure watching him demolish sloppy liberal thinking and he is right about a great deal

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