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manjula's kitchen

we have found a website in metafilter's favourites called manjula's kitchen. It's an amazing find; full of bengali recipes that we have wanted for ages!
manjula reminds daddy of his mum.
we made rasmali two days after we found the site and it tasted absolutely great, just like the stuff we used to buy.
we're about to make nan khatai. we'll give some to tilly and helen and karo and mummy. and US of course. we're tripling the recipe to get lots.
we have just made the connection; manjula (manjula's kitchen) and manjula (apu's wife from the simpsons)


manjula 2.jpg

the penguin history of the united states


i was surprised by how much of this i knew having absorbed it through the hegemony of american culture and by how little i know of british history in comparison

hachiko: a dog's story


we cried through the whole of the second half of this film

it is based on a real story which makes it all the more sad and we recommend it

and so does belle

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