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welcome to worldsystemA

a business card or perhaps a business plan

i know i have not been blogging

so i am going to try a list

my second wife / life partner / sathi renée martin got in touch. she googled me and found the blog. amazing is not the word and neither is awesome. i am concurrently writing an email to her to apologise for the radio silence since she got in touch

noé moved in and moved out. we were not really living together and i was not enjoying the alarm at seven every morning even though i am usually awake by then anyway

i got the flu and was out of action for a month or more which scared me a little

the three correlates of happiness continue to be health, not poverty and lifelong learning

i have come across some fantastic books and just decided to buy the new edition of the joy of sex for the kids

the plan is to blog the stuff i am learning with karo

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