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things from your own life

just missed bankoko, the japanese noo is back on schedule for publication

picked up a pattern language for the first time in ages. feels good in your hand

am getting closer to making a pilgrimage to arundel

making a fridge that doesn't use electricity based on the pot in pot design of mohammed bah abba

i would like to check its performance daily for a year

still thinking of the design for a circular mat soaked in water to act as a lid

pics as soon as possible

decided to start a religion

i will have to study theology or l. ron hubbard

and then picked up the copy of r h tawney's religion and the rise of capitalism that i got from jo

"Ther is a certaine man that shortly after my fyrst sermon, beynge asked if he had bene at the sermon that day, answered, yea. i praye. said he, how liked you hym? Mary, said he, even as i lyked him always - a sedicious fellow."

Latimer, Seven Sermons before King Edward VI

i plan to read the conclusion first

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