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exactly like tripping

i am at the end of an incredibly trippy day

discovered edwyn collins on loose ends and downloaded "low expectations" and have been playing the versions alternately all day

played it while i was gardening. i was very touched by the changes in his voice. he wrote the song before he had the stroke. i was crying

spoke with fiona on the roadside and she said she was married

went on to do some stuff at karo's

very very trippy

almost like tripping

got to karo's at eleven. did some stuff but mostly chatted

went to the library at three, ate a sandwich at the beach and had two cherry beers and on to the the yew tree

the addition of alchohol made it feel almost like tripping

came home and watered the garden and then biked to the railway in the dark along the parallel country route

no one was at the pub and i didn't have my phone and i biked back. night riding with good lights is wonderful

i have not been this social for at least a year

sunday morning and i am planning to do some carpentry

i am not happy

got a long letter from belle and started by missing them

wasting days pretending to be trying to read. wallowing in my own crapulence. i think i have had a long sleep though

little more active today hopefully

i am happy

and have made a point of telling people

caught up with karo, so glad to know her, there's a quote "you are my social life"

i become more as i interact with the world according to my reading of "the fiction of a thinkable world". it is as good as "the poetics of aging"

so lucky to be controlling my own time and luxuriating in the access to books

had breakfast yesterday at the adelaide for the first time and was surprised to find myself socialising on walmer green at the end of the day

after the children left on monday i decided to have a binge doping session in an attempt to depress myself

am glad to report i didn't manage it but instead wasted a few days just smoking, sleeping, eating what was left in the house and only succeeding in reading james lovelock's latest gaia book

his best options scenario is a nuclear based, high tech island fortress of 100 million people growing food in vats

i think i have had quorn but i don't want to get used to it

impossible to predict what will happen but we could try and agree the best ways to go forward in evolving as a species

slipped into whole earth co-evolution quarterly hippie speak but it leaves me hopeful

i have yet to manage camping by myself but am thinking of doing it whilst in petham

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