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still learning about lump attacks

noƩ was here by himself for the first time in ages and i began with the thought of clearing up in anticipation of a visit from belle's schoolfriend. that and the imminent dole interview

i found something new to scratch myself with

a bread knife. it was so efficient on my legs i almost couldn't bend my knees

the amount of histamine must have been huge and i ended up lying on the floor of the kitchen after coming in from scratching myself on the grass in the garden

must never do that again. never. ever

took until late afternoon to recover. belle has yet to arrive and i have missed the bbq with karo at sue's place

the front of my face continues to feel swollen as it has done for the last few days

i have no ambitions

belle once commented that i was more ambitious when i was stoned. she may not have known the meaning of the word

on the other hand for a while now i've been going round saying i have no ambitions left

all i want is to spend time with my children and to work on worldsystema

i will talk to karo and geoff about it again i think

and as a total non sequitor i have just learnt that you can rotate videos in picassa

and i think i want to attend a public meeting of some kind

the knife of never letting go

the knife of never letting go.jpg

daddy and i finished "the knife of never letting go" a gripping story about a young boy todd hewitt, his dog manchee and a hole in the Noise. the Noise was a germ on New World that supposedly killed all the women and made all the men telepathic but little does todd know that soon he will have to leave prentisstown and his loved ones behind him

todd, manchee and a girl named viola are forced to go on a life threatening journey to haven being chased by an army and the mad preacher aaron

it was very touching and made us cry a few times

lost a few days

little diy things seem to be happening

we have coat hooks and a mirror on the wall

but the garden is still undone

i am planning to do it with the goobs over the weekend

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