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blogging when i'm stoned?

karo said that we should have blogged what we did each day so that we could look back over a week and see how little we've done

my idea of getting rosie to observe my being stoned for the first time in ages doesn't work because of the double blind thing in the scientific method. am i interrupt driven only when i am stoned? what's self medicating?

noé's ds and the r4 are here and he had to go to the dentist after school. belle came and had to leave when n picked up his new toy

prepartying at the pub and ended up staying up after midnight

been feeling miz

have not been sleeping well for five days or so, waking up early and getting headaches later in the day. this is very unusual and being tired is not helping me do anything constructive with rosie. what feels like the enforced rigidity of our french course work is dampening our enthusiasm for it. have thought of a change of tack which may help

meanwhile the ds's have arrived and all schtoolwork has ground to a halt which i am foolishly allowing to make me both anxious and sad. silly

having not had anything to smoke since the new year i am eating the most adulterated hash i have ever come across. my guess is with something like barfi. this fugued into thoughts about counterfeit aspirin, piracy and intellectual property rights, something that i came across in "solutions to the worlds 20 worst problems" at the library the other day. i also read the prologue of my first iain m banks book but left both books there

i enjoyed "the wasp factory" and a couple of others by his pseudonym iain banks years ago

will try and retrieve them when belle, noé and i go biking today - failed

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