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and now the maths

maths 1.jpg

rose started the maths this afternoon. yipee! i am so excited i think i'm having an attack of the lumps

we are using a set of the peter robson "maths for practice and revision" books. solid good old fashioned stuff

broken soup

broken soup.jpg

another great book by jenny valentine! broken soup is a wonderful story about rowan her family and her friends. her brother jack died and her mother has never been quite the same

people are irrational

will scan the cover

the end of faith: religion, terror, and the future of reason

i wish i'd had sam harris's book when i was being indoctrinated in my youth but my parents would simply not have been able to comprehend its arguments. so glad the children are being raised without irrational beliefs in invisible omnipotent supreme beings in the sky

the laptop returns

repaired and delivered by early afternoon

just great to have the machine back even if it doesn't play spore

rosie is making progress with the maths times tables

finding violet park

finding violet park.jpg

rosie finished jenny valentine's book "finding violet park" and would recommend it

joined club penguin and paid the one month membership fee with a mobile phone


today we went out to town along the beach and had our first fish and chips in ages. yum

did three french lessons to catch up

found a verruca on my toe and bazukaed it

snow school

school was canceled on account of the snow which meant noé and belle could stay at our house. yippie!

noé is still using the walkthrough

googled wallace edwards and lookybooked his other books because we thought alphabeasts was great

we are going to try and by some of them

it's snowing!

belle off to a rehearsal with a packed lunch of pain perdu and kiwi fruit

lots of lovely snow, the first time in ages

suggested to noé that he might get more out of playing zelda if he didn't just keep reading the walkthrough

rosie was at dom's house and said that the trampoline looked like a big round ball

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