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catching up with batman

muller corners for breakfast in bed followed by batman returns, the one with the penguin and catwoman

rosie went to a party and belle to dominique's to spend time with some friends. noé stayed and after looking up a walkthrough spent the rest of the day playing zelda

noé and i cooked a really nice potato and leek curry together. made with love and care


completed hairpins and delivered a pair

the laptop was picked up for repair

did so much shopping that we had to use two plastic bags as well as the panniers

noé and belle came and stayed the night, a rare event these days

grumpy start

recovered quite quickly

had no butter for breakfast so couldn't make our usual meal of pain perdu

started making hairpins for karo and a pair for me

renegotiating the contract

the zelda hack begins

rosie must complete ninety days for a DSi on its release day

Daddy forgot my pc was under warranty and we have to retrieve the power supply from karo's

noé signed himself out at manwoods and came home early

i am having a lump attack

theo came round for a session on the wii

belle and rosie went to gym

the zelda hack continues ...

new contract

eco told us about the world of goo and its brilliant. picked up the two brick laptops which we can now dismantle. noé fell off his bike and did not enjoy my laughing at his suffering. bribing rosie with a nintendo dsi. she is my slave for eight weeks and must also pass the eleven plus or she loses it. signed Rosie Posie

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