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six days off

starting now

some signs of life

the front room is coming on. belle has inherited dominique's sociability. rose is having toothache and a beauty attack. arranged a lunch next thursday with karo and theo.

managed to do a few things

whilst rosie had a whole sickie day of watching the simpsons. progress on the garden, the bathroom and the front room is clearer. which would also be true of this post if i had a camera

72 hours off

started yesterday at 3ish had noe then belle and then all three. getting some gardening done and keep wishing i had a camera

and a week later

writing to nikos. this time feels like binging and is very inefficient but sometimes all that is possible. just emailed bill after having had rosie on her own and going to a parents evening tonight at manwoods. watching american soldiers burn their own shit in afghanistan

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