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greetings to visitors from the Deal Library


window display.jpg

welcome to anyone who got here through the deal library window display

dominique, belle, noƩ and rose helped me set it up and i will add some words and pictures soon

the reconstruction of the site has to finally begin

i wonder out loud if it is still possible for us together to make a world where a decent human being might actually choose to live

i want to make contact with people in the deal and surrounding areas who share some of these ideas and invite them to discussions with a view to build a neighbourhood where our children can live with us, and long after us, in homes that weave their lives into the fabric of the land they stand on

this world will need tremendous efforts of regeneration to repair the damage humankind has done to the planet and in a future far nearer than most of us yet suspect the need to be totally integrated and dependant on the local environment will be only the more necessary

the hopeful part is that we have no choice but to act

i believe the work of physically making and maintaining the place where you live can help to repair society as a whole as it creates along with the buildings themselves a sense of ownership and belonging. making wholeness heals the maker

if as a society we begin to pay attention to the creation of wholeness it will heal us as a community a future that


while the internets last

belle and rose.png
moi on skype.png
b, n and r.png

skyped the goobs yesterday and belle showed me how to take screen shots and sent me the one of me

we all agreed to have the family meeting before 19 November, Z day

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