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fireplace bookshelf before.jpg

i should have taken a proper before picture of this but then i realised there was a previous entry that might suffice

meanwhile i have sprained the smallest muscle in my neck and it has debilitated me. i phoned jo to apologise but couldn't bring myself to tell her how i had done it

spoke to the goobs and asked them individually if i could phone them every day and they all said yes

i hadn't phoned because i was waiting for the simpsons season 10 to arrive and for them to ring me. how silly

sent a cab round with pain perdu, roses, some dvd''s (lucien freud and earth story) and eco's guitar. the guy left them at the back door so the pain perdu was cold an hour later

austerity britain

austerity britain

David Kynaston's Austerity Britain 1945-51 is the first of a series Tales of a New Jerusalem, which will tell the story of Britain from VE Day in 1945 to the election of Margeret Thatcher in 1979

it is a thoroughly researched and eminently readable account of how post war britain was brought into being told through the voices of mass observation as well as the usual historical sources

"Although wealth, physical health and social equality may all make their contributions to human happiness, they can all do little and cannot themselves be secured, without health in the individual mind. We are our own kingdoms and make for ourselves, in large measure, the world in which we live. We may be rich, and healthy, and liberal; but unless we are free from secret guilt, the agonies of inferiority and frustration, and the fire of unexpressed aggression, all other things are added to our lives in vain. The cruelty and irrationality of human society spring from these secret sources. The savagery of a Hitler, the brutality of a Stalin, the ruthlessness and refined bestiality that is rampant in the world today - persecution, cruelty and war - are nothing but the external expression, the institutional and rationalised form of these dark forces in the human heart."

Evan Durbin (1906–1948), economist, politician and one of the architects of the welfare state

asked why more of the post-war social aspirations were not achieved, he expressed the opinion that most of us are very sick by which he meant mentally ill and very stupid by which he meant stupid. not politically correct but the truth nonetheless

however, i might have parted company with him when he suggested selective breeding as the answer

i intend to read the rest of the series and must admit this review simply does not do justice to Kynaston's great work

a new kind of furniture

new kind of furniture

i think i have invented a new kind of furniture. i told jo and bill about it. they are both relatively old and were considering it seriously. i said they should decide when they came round next and saw it in operation but in the meanwhile i am learning to use it and will post some pictures as soon as i have had the time to take them

it may best be described as a small footprint coffee table with another larger surface with a protruding edge resting and sliding on top of it. the movement of the upper surface is limited by the edge and the overhang is relatively large. i am finding it incredibly versatile

i will need to build a sofa and table combination for myself in order to demonstrate it

frog in the hole

frog or toad

i am an ex science teacher and i do not know the difference between a frog and a toad. i was going to learn when the kids and i catalogued all the species in the back garden

all obstacles are blessings of the guru. the plumbing emergency has intruded into almost three days of my life

i will remove the amphibian tomorrow morning if it is still there. we thought it would just be able to jump out

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