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belle skyped me a drawing

Tire swing.jpg

this is the first file belle sent me. i didn't manage to get the text file she sent a few days later but i will ask her for it again

we went to see the simpsons movie

in the future 19 july will be celebrate the simpsons day although someone already has that on the year planner for 19 august

met the goobs in canterbury who immediately took over the camera

they came to the new house, noé for the first time. he is posing for his photograph like a pakistani

goobs at the new house for the first time

belle, rosie and i walked to the local shop while noé stayed on the internet playing games

fixed belle's email glitch and showed her the movable type tool followed by scrambled eggs, toast and p tea

it was decided to delay the family meeting until after their trip to france

i will have finished "manage your mind" by then. ten people have bought a copy via my amazon account and i cannot recommend it highly enough as a repository of condensed cognitive behavioural therapeutic counsel

manage your mind

wisdom on a stick

back at the two sawyers

jo allen's bathroom before

on the way back from jo allen's where i took a before shot of the bathroom, i could'n't get back on the train with the bike because of all the cheese eating surrender monkeys who are all over for the tour de france, and i ended up in the two sawyers for the wi-fi and introduced myself to chantelle and paul and blogged this (to be improved and rewritten later possibly with a picture)

trying to chat with the goobs on skype

my paedophile joke went down very badly with the barmaid

ended up showing agent blue to a crowd which included howard, an off duty policeman. it was fun

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