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back at the bottle

let off early, failed to skype the kids as they were out

meanwhile back at the bottle for two halves

and so to bed

blogging for belle

i told brian hanson that i started blogging after reading about peyps

and here at the leather bottle today i'm doing it because i want belle to understand

as promised i have started a letter to dominique which i'll post here as soon as i've finished "manage your mind"

it's father's day!

it should be declared a public holiday like happy halloween. it obviously began as a marketing scam like the rest of our so called culture but i can't be arsed to look it up. perhaps one of the goobs can do it as a punishment homework. i am wrong, it has a history

yesterday, in the morning just as i was setting off for jo allen's i sprained my left ankle. very badly. lay in the road for ten minutes and crawled back into the house. the thing to do is to immediately put some ice on the joint to reduce the swelling and pain. i did not know that at the time and instead crawled into bed where i fell asleep. awoke a few hours later with a swollen ankle and lots of pain

skyped belle to let her know i would be at home for a few days. consulted my new copy of "where there is no doctor" and learned the rudiments of what to do with a sprained joint

where there is no doctor

went downstairs and soaked foot in cold water (the fridge in the house is not plugged in) and elevated it whilst watching the civil war by ken burns. great writing and simply poetic use of old photographs and voice overs

cabbed it to deal for aspirin and a supporting bandage and survival rations which included chocolate and pot noodles! my excuse for the gak is that ... actually there is no excuse once you realise its an excuse but i also bought a cauliflower, a white and a red onion

and my gak quotient must still be pretty low

bismillah : june 02007

i've started writing an email to chris about what to do next but i think its got to be stuff like meeting karen, tony, lewis, clive, noreen, jane and jacob in the bohemian

for such a rare event, it felt like many beginnings and i promised to make the site a bit more informative and hence

chris's most recent work about how to build a neighbourhood is available at livingneighborhoods.com and his original site for a pattern language is at patternlanguage .com

i do not recommend the latter

we shall all meet again and next time i'll have a camera in my hands. inshallah

(insert picture of birthday booty from the goobs which they delivered whilst i was out walking with the bobba yesterday)

having done a sleep night for peter i woke at goodwins

caught one hours sleep back at home, went to town and used the hoy's electricity after biking back and forth with a power supply. got a new seat post installed and bought even more birthday socks as i was exchanging the wrong sized ones the kids gave me

met Karoline in the garden of the yew tree along with bob, tony, kelvin and a guy who was so drunk i can't remember his name. we had a glass of marijuana schnaaps, a dutch thing and very fragrant

as well as being productive at home moving the furniture about i also managed to be the only customer at the leather bottle at the end of the evening and walked home with two glasses after asking permission from dan who i told the alan bleasdale joke about yosser being desperate. badly. again

what a great day only lacking the presence of the stinker finkers

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