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busy little sunday

i have no camera

got to the library to leave the new machine and games for the goobs. biked back home and had a fun time making the webcam work. belle rang me later and the broadband at winkland oaks will be online soon we hope

having impregnated zoe who lives in swindon, eco is leaving deal but will return in a while to help build a cluster

9/11 car bombs with wings

buda's wagon

As usual from Mike Davis this is a thoroughly researched account of the use and development of the car bomb from the horse drawn wagon filled with dynamite that killed 40 people on Wall Street in New York, through its use in conflicts worldwide to the current destruction of Baghdad.

State intelligence agencies, particularly those of the United States, Israel, India and Pakistan have played a major role in spreading urban terrorist techniques.

He quotes Milt Bearden, one of the godfathers of the CIA’s jihad in Afghanistan on the American invasion of Iraq, “There were two stark lessons in the history of the 20th century: no nation that launched a war against another sovereign nation ever won. And every nationalist insurgency against a foreign occupation ultimately succeeded.”

With the advent of explosives made from ammonium nitrate fertilizer and fuel oil, there appears to be no practical security solution to the “poor man’s air force”

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