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i wanted my children to receive their education otherwise so that they could help to save the world

“Bakunin expected the revolutionary zeal of the masses to be spurred on by a group of selfless devotees who had no care for themselves or their own glory. They were to be a body of strong, educated personalities who would not seek to lead, master or direct the masses. Instead, they would learn what the people desired, articulate it and, with their broader knowledge and understanding, better be able to aid in pushing the revolution towards the goals set by the masses. This vanguard would be an anonymous and invisible body blended into the background.” A vanguard of saints and ... superheroes.

people without government

Harold Barclay makes the case for anarchy as the polity of choice for hunter gatherers and on examining the interplay of freedom and authority that characterises human society suggests a position of eternal vigilance and perpetual anarcho-cynicalist protest. It may no longer be possible to establish an anarchist society but that’s no reason for not adopting an anarchic attitude in order to work towards it and guard against its opposite. i live in hope

The Curse Of The Self


Mark R. Leary has been recognised as one of the 25 most productive scholars in psychology (1986-1990) but given my poor opinion of the field, that’s not much of a recommendation. He even quotes Carlos Casteneda but is aware that the books might be a hoax. The capacity for self-awareness evolved amongst human beings living in groups as hunter gatherers. The relatively recent increase in complexity of human culture means that we now live in conditions far different than those under which the self first arose. All the negative aspects of egotism are a result of this discrepancy between the conditions under which the self first evolved and modern life. I was hopeful that the book would provide insights into how to improve my own quality of life and it does suggest quieting the self, fostering ego-skepticism, reducing egotism and ego-defensiveness and optimising self-control all of which form some parts of spiritual practice.

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