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a new bike, a haircut and draft posts

after coming back from sandwich i explained that i wanted to continue the mad professor look and other design details and was given the haircut of my life by a really nice portugese woman who said she usually did ladies

egg and chips in the clarendon which is where i wrote this


Semmelweis effect

An Obstetrician who reduced the mortality rate in surgery by insisting doctors washed their hands. He was ridiculed by his colleagues and driven to madness and suicide. The opposition to a scientific idea is directly proportional to its importance

Using Marijuana for introspection - CA mentions the opening up function of alcohol

Having told me that I could have the children live with me and then three weeks later changing her mind, Dominique would not come to speak with me today and as a result I gave up my right to see the kids and will talk to the them about it when they come for the last time on Sunday

It turns out that our values are very different. My heart is anarchist

This is an act of “self preservation” and I am trying to use The Procedures of Truth

What gives me hope is that we have a knowledge base unavailable to the previous versions of humanoid

BELLE-I hate the way my life is going at the moment and I wish that some things had never happened but we all have to get through this challenge together and I may sound noble but I’ve got a sore heart and I’m just a much-loved-not-modest-wise-girl. And I love my family so much that I can’t prove how much i do.

at the clarendon on tuesday

Nature's Engraver

Nature's Engraver

i was impressed by the folio society edition of Thomas Bewick's autobiography years ago and still have a copy somewhere, it made me want to own an original woodcut. the detail in the work is incredible and the reproductions in Jenny Uglow's book are actual size

you will see such a tree

"but I will direct you to a place, where you will see such a tree as you never saw painted by any artist, in your life"

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