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i have america surrounded


great title for a badly written life of a fame addicted genius of sorts. leary's consumption of acid was prodigious and he turned on thousands of the sixties' elites to the extent that the smile on the acid badge is his. in prison he was once asked to fill in a psychometric test only to realise that he had written it. some of his ashes laced with gold dust were placed in earth orbit

just a minute

listened to the the most fantastic edition of just a minute, so revealing of the players with flashes of wisdom. that is a fantastic programme. that's repetition.

meanwhile katie said "truffles are cheap. dogs dig them up don't they?" and the next thing i want to say to her is "i've never eaten mussels but i've eaten iguana" which leads me to the low energy diet and existence that is considered in "the party's over" by richard heinberg


rob newman credits it with opening his eyes to the problem at hand

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