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warning: retcon

as well as copying over the worldsystema blogspot entries from 10 april to 23 sept, 2005, i will begin creating retroactive continuity soon

six months after moving in

lloyd court living room april 2006

i am renting and find myself reluctant to touch the walls. the floor of the other room is covered in clothes and tools. the flat is both badly designed and ecologically unsound and i will hopefully move out before another winter. my desire to blog the unfolding of an interior will have to wait

the children returned last night

watching the simpsons.jpg

watching the simpsons

ecological ethics

state of the world 2006

the more i learn the more painful it becomes

china and india are very large and set to dominate the coming world

the global industrial meat complex is a bad mistake and i would seriously recommend the vegetarian option

nanotechnology will be world transforming

water ecosystems needsmust be preserved

77 of the top 100 financial entities are corporations, the other 23 are governments

ecological ethics

in his excellent "Ecological Ethics" patrick curry quotes aldo leopold "One of the penalties of an ecological education is one lives alone in a world of wounds." and adds "It is indeed often painful, but to recognize that world and those wounds is the first step to healing."

i do not want to live in a world without tigers

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