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metapost: a list of sorts


i just got back from a week in canterbury experiencing the sleeping on a friend's floor version of homelessness and i even had my belongings in plastic bags

not as organised as homeless david who lives on the funky bike but it started me thinking about the equipment we'll need for the trip to iran and it will make me more mobile for trips here as well

on the way to martin mill at lunchtime today i met dom and the kids coming home from holland at "the crossroads where there are always cars." how cool was that

michael mehaffy has just invited me to a generative coding masterclass with christopher alexander at the prince's foundation working on a live site in strood. inshallah, i will be allowed to work on the project and help to bring the buildings into existence

as i've said somewhere before, i want to be an architect and a builder in the spirit of christopher alexander's "the nature of order"

i want to build a cluster of houses under his supervision using a living pattern language and a version of a grass roots housing process and i want to document it in high definition formats to help spread these ideas and heal the earth

to this end i have been repeatedly applying for the janitorial position with the centre for environmental structure-europe which becomes operative in november

planning to work on worldsystema during the next week or so

i live in hope

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