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on the way to sign on, a hundred yards from the house, rounding a corner thinking i hadn't got any money with me, i avoided a car fairly comfortably and then ran into a curb. i think i abrogated control of the bike again which i am beginning to realise may not be a good strategy. thought i'd broken the gear mechanism and was momentarily despond at the possibility of being without transport but after walking it back to the house and some fiddling it seemed to be working and i decided to risk riding it into deal. i think there is such a thing as bike school and i should attend one. the brakes need adjusting urgently

the person at the job centre was nice

catching up with email, filling in an application form and posting others. this is the first post from the deal library. not quite moblogging but still noteworthy

the only constant is change and i am hopeful again

unemployed and technically homeless

dominique is allowing me to stay at sutton until i can find a job and a place to live in the area. this was the original plan but being sacked and losing the place in st margaret's at cliffe has necessitated this course of action

a beggar and now an orphan, i hope it's not too late for me to learn to look after myself

mum said i'd grow up this year

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