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according to the kentish gazette of thurs 23 june, the head of the kiad school of architecture don gray has been sacked and is being sued for damages for breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duties, procurement of breach of contract, conspiracy, trespass, conversion, and unlawful interference

he lied and engineered my expulsion from kiad when i criticized the architecture course for the complete nonsense it actually was and i've stated in writing that i found him both intellectually limited and morally repugnant

the course he is now trying to head at the university of kent will inevitably be the same idiotic modernist crap that he was perpetrating at kiad but for him i am sure its not actually been about architecture for a long time

i may have to resurrect the stuff the kiad lawyers scared my isp into taking down

i thought i was asleep at sutton


the reason i blog these days has something to do with having read claire tomalin's book on samuel pepys : the unequalled self. a wonderful examination of the diaries and the life. he is credited with the first purpose made bookshelves. i remember giving it to bill to read but he claims i may not have returned his copy of ellis. not true as it's bright orange and not amongst my remaining possessions

a rest day

rode to martin mill to catch a train to canterbury east and declared a rest day on the way

bought a new wheel as my fall in dom's driveway had dented the front one and it was the cause of the hard ride

watched umrao jaan and thought of "mere jaan" and the desi life. this will happen repeatedly. rekha is a fantastic dancer and i think i'll get belle to watch it with me

the longest bike ride so far

to wolverton court for an appeal hearing where bob morley listened carefully and i again asked for a meeting with jamie emberson

sat at the top of a hill looking at dover castle. i'll take a picture another time

on to st margaret's at cliffe to meet sandra who agrees to me moving in on 1st july. a godsend i called it but then she called to say she'd changed her mind

got to sutton late but the kids were still awake and i got to kiss them goodnight

it was the summer solstice

sunday at copinger with the children

unusually i woke up feeling rested and was fully awake before rosie. in fact noé got up first and switched on the television before even saying good morning

we spent a moment learning the alt+ctrl+e for noé who did a lot of the laptop painting. this could be an ongoing project when people (rosie) are in the mood. i was very excited and the result will be lovely

rosie had a party to go to so dom brought back my bike and picked up the goobs before noon to leave me sorting out stuff for next week. the day is very hot and sunny

another theatrical biography

john gielgud.jpg

sheridon morley's authorised biography of john geilgud. i never saw him live. he was the last of the richardson, guiness, olivier generation and the greatest

fell off the bike

bad head.jpg

ouch! coming back from dover to sutton. hit the ground with my head. all my own fault. decided i could turn into the driveway faster than it was actually possible and i let go at the last moment thinking i would land in the bushes. no damage to the hands but my left knee and the left side of my face are a bit mashed up

pic by noé

he was moving about very quickly bagging the stuff up only to put it in the garden under a carpet. the baliffs came just before 11.00 am. i ended up taking a few things from the house before it all got skipped. lots of stuff wasted that could have gone to charity shops. he admits his hoarding is psychopathological. we walked towards his new place. i wish i'd taken a camera

coming back from jo's, i ran into bill coming home in his yellow van. we stood at the side of the road in petham and caught up

ended up in sutton going to sleep late to wake up too early in the morning with the kids

modding the laptop


the living room is a little untidy

after its power supply failed a few weeks ago, i wrapped the laptop up in preparation for painting and only managed to get hold of the spray primer on the same day that the two new power supplies were delivered

the plan is to get it to belle as soon as possible for painting and to stop me opening it up so i can retrieve a couple of emails

my life in orange


tim guest recalls his childhood as his mother pursues spirituality in the orange army of the bhagwan. it made me want to read a meatier account of cultism

for the last few days i've called the kids. i want to establish this as a habit and my intention is to live close enough to them to be able to see them every day

rosie and noe both asked about having ice cream the next time they came to me

took the bike on the bus to petham

i arrived an hour early at the CAB, bumped into mark and david barker appeared at the cafe. back to the CAB for three hours with a very slow adviser who i'd spoken to when i went there about dom and the kids two years ago. they now have a computerised advice system. all was doom and gloom

spoke with bob at HQL who handed me to paul. i told him i needed the rest of my pay to be able to move house and he said that he was meeting with duncan later in the day and would be in touch soon

reptiles, amphibians and fishes


this encyclopedia of animals surprised me with some facts and amazing pictures of fantastic creatures. i scanned it while i was with the kids

95 percent of all animals are invertibrates

there are roughly 20,000 living species of fish, 4,950 amphibians, 7,400 reptiles, 9,000 birds and 4,670 mammals

turtles and butterflies.jpg

the amazingly interconnected nature of life: two butterflies imbibe eye and nasal secretions from basking yellow-spotted amazon river turtles in manu national park, peru

also, lake baikal in russia contains one fifth of the worlds fresh water and is over two miles deep

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