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the mahogany lingum is missing presumed stolen from the back garden and miro broke the sycamore white magic wand and then didn't bother telling me about it. i am beginning to suspect that sturgeon's law ("ninety percent of everything is crap") may also apply to people

the kids and i were in the park when we were very close to a lighting strike and it was the loudest thunder any of us had ever heard

we walked back in the drizzle and all got a second hit of gak from the local shop

sceptical essays


this is the first bertrand russell i've managed to read although i've been carrying a copy of 'the history of western philosophy' around since university. i will read that as soon as i can find it as these essays promoting rational scepticism are both witty and wise. an irresistible combination

"can men be rational?" ends with the advice, "It is to intelligence, increasingly wide-spread, that we must look for the solution of the ills from which our world is suffering." and yet in the world he realizes, "But the utility of intelligence is admitted only theoretically, not practically: it is not desired that ordinary people think for themselves, because it is felt that people who think for themselves are awkward to manage and cause administrative difficulties."


the way the mdf has bloomed and the algae on top are rather lovely. its like a pillow screwed to the wall and i am told it was "built for behaviour"

the work of the maintenance department continues to astound me and the second picture is just to show that the little roof is held on by four screws


youch! that hurts


andrew twisted my index finger when dave and i foolishly tried to restrain him and i didn't notice the swelling till i got home

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