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first lump attack in ages

i was prickly during the last few days, hyperfrantic at work today and after the pub and marcus' to get the book back i had the lumps and decided not to photograph them but was reminded of the slides we took at wood green and at george road

belle started a blog. fantastic

first long visit in ages

it's ten o'clock, the kids are here and no one is asleep

belle just started a blog and noe is trying to stay up and play games for as long as he can

rosie falls asleep first and will be awake first as usual at six in the morning

an unexpected gift

started working with a service user on a generic room. all this came about very quickly and there is even video of us thinking about the room design and of maintenance promising some demolition to provide a clean slate

i thought i needed a cad gimp but i was wrong. hello is not working and i can't post pictures yet

mukhtar akhtar - 8 april 2005

my mum died on thursday, her funeral was on friday and i didn't go

i had already asked her forgiveness many times and made peace with her

dominique who knows how to behave better than all of us took belle, noe, and rose to birmingham

nadim rang to express his condolences and i again regreted my decision

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