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finished one at the first attempt

and a few days later


whittling again

pink ivory twirly

i started making something for bill from a piece of the pink ivory he gave me. it used to take me a few attempts to get into the rhythm of it but this one seems to be going ok first time round and hopefully won't break just as i finish sanding it. i've been using a stanley knife or box cutter as the americans refer to them but will use a carving knife to finish it

eyesore of the month

i accidently met the starchitect blobmeister will alsop on the exit landing on the day i was excluded from the kiad shitheap. he is a very personable man and has a good strong handshake. i told him the dimwitted head of school thought i might attack him and his nonsensical buildings but at that point i was unfamiliar with his output and had not seen his ontario college of art and design


james howard kunstler chose it for his eyesore of the month for nov 2003 and i must admit it is one of the most ludicrous buildings i've ever seen. as kunstler says "it is so cutting edge it is already out of date" to which i can only add that its also completely mad. it's incredibly sad but this isn't a joke, it exists as a real $30 million building

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