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what clients have to put up with


this has been going on for months and jo allen has been wonderfully patient

i must have been very good in a previous lifetime. not only did i have a great day assembling the corner cupboard for jo but when i got home amtrak had delivered the new laptop to a neighbour and the second copy of book 4 of 'the nature of order' had also arrived

where to begin to give thanks



this part of the living room has been looking very tidy for the last few days after i started cutting the tenons last week

the base is from recyled rubbish pine and i'm building it like fine furniture which is what i should have done with the copinger coffee table

a desk for my computer

i started working on a desk/stand for all the current kit and intend to finish it in the next few days

i've just read at http://www.gregbryant.com/grogbrat/aspen97/TOJOY.html ca saying that

"real design requires an atmosphere of freedom, tranquillity and joyfulness"


shukarallah, that is exactly the state i was in as i began and i appear to be blogging it as well. amazing

expelled from kiad

i am writing an appeal

moving wood from kiad

bill was with me and i was refusing to help the porters but he shamed me into doing it by his nature

the day ended with me helping an old woman up the hill

a volume of the nature of order was also inside the woodpile

my 48th birthday


i started the day in birmingham with mum and the kids and then took six or seven hours to get back down to copinger close. sumbla rang to wish me a happy birthday and we had a long chat. a great start to the year which inshallah will be both happy and productive for all of us

the kids had visited dad on a couple of occasions and i spent some time with him before he went to bradford. all his children have seen him now but we were all worried that it might be for the last time. he has lost a great deal of weight and is very weak but still spent at least an hour and a half talking to me passionately about allama mashriqi and the khaksar movement. his expression of the social ideals of that movement and its leader must have contributed to how i see the world. his habit of treasuring those books is now echoed in how i approach the work of my guru christopher alexander

i told him he was also ultimately responsible for my habit of pointing out shit when i saw it being perpetrated in front of me and for that i would always be grateful to him

i was looking at his hands and realised thats where mine and noe's come from.

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